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Cookbook Wizard Recipe Software


What version of Windows do I need?

Cookbook Wizard is built for Windows 7, Vista and XP. Cookbook Wizard Recipe Software Also operates on Windows 2000, 98 and 95. Recent enhancements have been completed for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


How do I import recipes from Meal-Master ?

  1. Using your old DOS Meal-master program, export the recipes using normal format. The file you save should end with .TXT

  2. For example: RECIPES.TXT , Use mealmaster normal format append.

  3. Mealmaster will save the file in the folder meal master is installed in.

  4. Now open Cookbook Wizard.

  5. Select FILE

  6. Select IMPORT

  7. A window will appear. (import recipes)

  8. Click on the radio button next to Meal Master. This should be done before you do anything using this window.

  9. Now select the Button with the 3 dots on it.

  10. Now use this dialog to locate the file with your recipes (recipes.txt) you created with meal master.

  11. This dialog(window) is simple to use, just double click on the yellow folders and it will list the files in the folder on the left side.

  12. Its best to DOUBLE click on the top folder first (C:\) then double click on the folder that contains mealmaster(it may be something like MM.....)

  13. Once you find the recipes.txt file with your recipes listed on the left, double click on it. The window will disappear and the file name will be listed in the IMPORT RECIPES WINDOW.

  14. Now just select the IMPORT button with shaking hands and recipes will be imported into Cookbook Wizard.

That may seem like a lot, but once you do one, its very simple.


How can I network Cookbook Wizard and share my recipe database ?

1. Install the software on each workstation.

2. Designate a server(or a pc) to hold the database.

(a dedicated machine is best!)

3. On the server where the recipe database is,


(this will allow other pc's to access it)

4. On the workstations that will access the recipe database on the server from step 3, you will need to map the share from the server as a letter, map the shared folder as the letter P, be sure to select the reconnect at login time or when the pc reboots the connection will have to be added again.

5. On the workstations that will access the recipe database you will need to change a INI file, this is only done on PC's that access the recipe database on the server or another PC. Search for the file COOWIZ20.INI (number zero after the 2) and make the change as you see below:


pathname=c:\Program Files\CookbookWizard\




the above change tells the pc where the recipe database is. Note it tells cookbook wizard to look at P:\ which is the share created to look at another server or PC.

PC Power on rules: The PC or server with the recipe database MUST be on first!

PC Power off rules: The PC or server with the recipe database MUST be turned off last!

If you do not follow these PC power off/on rules your recipe database may get damaged. It is best to leave the pc with the recipe database on a server and ON all the time. Backup your database on the machine that contains the database often. It is best to do a backup when the database is not in use. This may involve all other workstations powering down the pc first! You will need to purchase 1 copy of the software for each PC. Your network must be high speed between the locations. For example, Ethernet or token ring setup is fine.

My Cookbook Wizard timed out, Why ?

You must register to continue use after 30 days. Once you register a key will be emailed to allow you to continue where you left off. All your recipes entered are still there. The key allows access back into Cookbook Wizard.


I registered Cookbook Wizard but never got my key?

Sometimes emails do not reach the destination. Send us an email and we will be more than happy to send the key again. Please include your order number and full name and address. If you still do not get a response, most likely your email is sent back to us as undeliverable for some reason. In this case we will send your key via postal mail.


I registered my Cookbook Wizard several months ago. My hard drive crashed and I did not write down or save my key like I should have?

We receive so many E-mails on this. Please SAVE your key!

Keys match your software and must be saved. Click Here if you lost your matching key.

How do I import recipes from a scanner ?

Cookbook Wizard does not support scanners directly, but you can scan in recipes if you have OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) for your scanner.

You scan in your recipe, use OCR to convert the image to a text file, then save the file. You can then import that text file into Cookbook Wizard using the "Recipe Import Wizard" on the file menu.


Is there an easy way to print off a list of all my recipes BY CATEGORY?

To do any custom printing.

1. select DISPLAY then ALL RECIPES.

2. select the CATEGORY TAB.

3. select the desired CATEGORY you wish to view then print.

4. select PRINT.

5. Select PRINT A GROUP.

6. select the CURRENT LIST OF RECIPES radio button(based on last search from step 3) .

7. select the PRINT button.


How do I contact support for Cookbook Wizard ?

You can contact us by email Click Here

Please be patient, we will respond to you. If we do not respond to you it could be you gave us a bad email address, or your email is not working correctly. We always respond within 24-36 hours except holidays.

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