Chinook Salmon Platter

Cuisine: American

Category: fish

Servings: 8


Marinated Asparagus
Fish Aspic
Poached Salmon
Salmon Sausage
Salmon Belly
Salmon Chaud-Froid Sauce
Cucumber Salad
Salt Wafer Tail
Salt Wafer Fish Head
Sauce Vinaigrette
Cocktail Sauce

2 lb. Potato-Leek Salad


TO SERVE Two hours prior to service, coat platter with thin layer of fish aspic; let set. Place fish head cracker in upper right-hand quarter of platter. Lay 16 slices gravlax along top edge of cracker, circling toward center of platter. Fill cracker three-fourths full with cucumber salad, shingling cucumber slices. Place 8 poached salmon slices against cucumbers, again circling toward center. Finish with additional cucumber slices, shingling to fill space at top edge of cracker. Place potato-leek salad on upper portion of lower left quarter of platter, arranging in crescent shape; leave 3 inches of space between potato salad and front portion of fish. Place fish tail cracker at left end of potato-leek salad, using first slice to cover space between salad and tail cracker. Shingle 24 slices smoked salmon belly over remaining salad area; properly arranged, slices should create the effect of fish scales. Fan marinated asparagus spears between fish halves, curving to create appearance of waves. NOTES Season: Year round Food cost: Moderate

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