Creamy Clam Chowder

Cuisine: American

Category: seafood

Servings: 6


4 cups 1-inch cubes potatoes (about
4 medium)
1/4 cup chopped shallots (about
2 large)
1 (14-1/2-ounce) can chicken broth
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
3 cups low-fat milk
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 (6-1/2-ounce) cans minced clams,
3 slices turkey bacon, cooked and
2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives
Cracked fresh pepper


Heat potatoes, shallots, broth and garlic to boiling in Dutch oven; reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer about 12 minutes or until potatoes are very tender. Cool slightly. Place half of the potato mixture in blender. Cover and blend about 15 seconds or until smooth. Stir back into potato mixture in Dutch oven. Stir in milk, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, the clams and bacon. Heat over medium heat, stirring frequently, until hot. Sprinkle with chives. Serve with cracked fresh pepper. 6 servings

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