Fresh Berries with Mascarpone Gratin

Cuisine: Contemporary

Category: sweet

Servings: 6


Pastry Shells
Mascarpone Filling
Whiskey Sauce
Caramel Dip


TO SERVE Dip top halves of shells in caramel; let dry at room temperature. Spoon marscapone mixture into bottom halves of pastry shells; let stand 20 minutes. Burn top of mixture by placing under broiler or using hand torch. Top with small amount of whiskey sauce; place remaining sauce on side. Arrange dipped tops over filled bottoms. This dessert should be prepared as close to service time as possible. NOTES Season: Spring, Summer Food Cost: Moderate to high Wine Notes: Sweet Marsala History: Method of Gratin dates back to 1850. Special Ingredients: Jack Daniels whiskey is recommended for sauce.

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