Plymouth Turkey Platter

Cuisine: American

Category: poultry

Servings: 8


Turkey Prosciutto
Turkey Salami
Dried Fruit Salad
Pickled Butternut Squash
Brined Turkey Breast and Thigh
Cured and Smoked Turkey Breast
Turkey Ballotine
Turkey Pate En Croute
Roast Breast of Turkey with Herbed
Herbed Wing
Chanterelle Salad
Celery Salad
Tail Feathers


TO SERVE Two hours prior to assembling platter, coat platter with aspic; allow to set. Cut all turkey breasts, prosciutto, pate and pickled squash into 8 slices each; bias cut turkey ballotine, salami and herbed wing into 8 slices each. Place tail feather assembly on right upper center of platter. Place dried fruit salad in front of tail assembly. Shingle slices of cured, smoked breast along 1 side of salad. Shingle slices of roasted breast along other side of salad. Fan 4 slices pickled squash at each end of platter. On left side, connect pickled squash to turkey breast with line of mushroom salad; on right side, connect squash to breast with line of celery salad. Alternately fan slices of ballotine and salami over mushroom salad; alternately fan slices of prosciutto and herbed wing over celery salad. Curve pate slices from bottom of breast toward left side of platter to form neck and head.

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